Load Curtailment

Demand Response has become an important tool for electric grid operators to maintain grid reliability and reduce costs.


How it works
During times of extreme grid stress, Demand Response resources are called upon to reduce their load on the grid thereby helping the grid avoid having to implement brownouts and outages. With most programs, customers get a Day Ahead notice of possible shortages of Capacity that would increase the likelihood of a curtailment event. Depending upon the program the durations of the events typically vary between four to six hours.



No risk
Getting started in these programs is risk free for customers. Innoventive makes all the arrangements for enrollment including installation any required metering upgrades.


Collaborative Relationship
Innoventive’s experts will devise a curtailment plan that is safe and and reliable and optimizes the value of your load curtailment capacity. Some techniques used to reduce loads include:

  • Slowing down or stopping manufacturing processes
  • Turning off large commercial freezers to ride through a demand response event
  • Back up Emergency Generators – Customers with back up emergency generators can run these generators and transfer the facility load to generators to take the load off the grid.
  • HVAC – equipment can be dialed back to reduce demand. Cycling equipment or turning up temperature set points can result in dramatic load reductions.
  • Lighting can be reduced or turned off altogether in some areas.
  • Turning off banks of elevators in large facilities
  • Some facilities have specific electric loads that can be switch to alternative modes of operation and reduce electric loads without a loss of performance


Why participate:

  • A more reliable electric grid means a more stable and reliable product and work environment for most businesses
  • The economic argument for participation is twofold:

– The costs of a grid outage to consumers and the electric grid are very high

– The electric grid pays customers for their commitment to reduce load when called upon – The more load the customer can reduce, the greater the payment


How to get started – Contact Innoventive.

A representative will visit to evaluate the possible sources of load reduction as well as identify energy efficiency measures that could reduce costs. An estimate of the value of participation in demand response programs will be provided along with a curtailment plan. If you decide to participate, the facility will begin earning demand response revenue upon enrollment.


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