Funding/ R&D

fundingInnoventive has a rich history of developing new and exciting technologies related to Energy and grid reliability.
When the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority needed to help build a base of demand response resources for the newly created New York Independent System Operator (NYISO), it turned to Innoventive’s developers to help demonstrate the feasibility and value of demand response for New York rate payers. This development grew to be a formidable tool the NYISO uses to help keep the lights on in New York State.


When a major northeast utility started its first Smart Grid effort, it turned to Innoventive Power to manage the project. This led to a first of its kind demonstration of Interoperability of demand response resources with a complex utility electric distribution system.   This also led to the build out of Innoventive’s Demand Response Command Center (DRCC™) which has the ability to connect many diverse resources and optimize their performance in demand response and ancillary service programs. Built upon the Grid Agents technology, the DRCC can connect to virtually any load as well as act as a secure interface to utility and grid operator data systems. Cybersecurity was a primary area of research in the project and unique techniques were devised to protect customer and utility resources.



Innoventive can identify potential project that can reduce the cost of electricity while improving reliability of the facility. But identifying the opportunity is just the beginning. The staff at Innoventive has been successful in securing millions of dollars in public funding for qualified projects. Public and other third party funding is available for evaluations and implementations of load curtailment projects and for studies relating to reducing the cost of electricity. With a combination of public grants and incentives it may be possible to realize your goals with smaller capital requirements than originally estimated by your firm. Most recently, Innoventive has secured funding for customers from the US Department of Energy and the NYSERDA.


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