Curtailment Service Provider


Curtailment Service Provider

As your Curtailment Service Provider, our experts work with you to help you get the most value from your facility’s ability to reduce load during times of extremely high loads on the electric grid. And depending upon the configuration at your facility, we can help expand your demand response capacity into new Smart Grid markets that mean more value for you and more efficiency and reliability for the electric grid. It’s a win – win!


Load Curtailment

lightingLoad Curtailment is the reduction of electrical demand. There are many techniques to implement these load reductions and our engineers can work with your staff to devise a curtailment plan that is reliable, safe and optimizes the value of your load curtailment capacity. Some techniques used to reduce loads include:

  • Slowing down or stopping manufacturing processes
  • Turning off large commercial freezers to ride through a demand response event
  • Back up Emergency Generators – Customers with back up emergency generators can run these generators and transfer the facility load to generators to take the load off the grid.
  • HVAC – equipment can be dialed back to reduce demand. Cycling equipment or turning up temperature set points can result in dramatic load reductions.
  • Lighting can be reduced or turned off altogether in some areas.
  • Turning off banks of elevators in large facilities
  • Some facilities have specific electric loads that can be switched to alternative modes of operation and reduce electric loads without a loss of performance


kiloWhat is a Curtailment Service Provider?

A Curtailment Service Provider is a member of the deregulated wholesale electric market which is licensed to sell Energy and Capacity for customers who can supply these commodities during times of high grid stress.

As a Curtailment Service Provider Innoventive will

  • Evaluate and quantify the customer’s ability to supply Energy and Capacity
  • Enroll the customer’s capacity in all applicable demand response programs
  • Specify and install any interval metering required by the grid operator. The collected data is the property of the customer and is treated as such. All operating data is available to the customer on a secure site provided to the customer by Innoventive
  • Assist customers with any environmental permitting if required
  • When a load curtailment event is called by the grid operator, Innoventive will contact the customer with a pre-planned notification strategy that works best for your organization
  • Aggregate loads for maximum benefit to the customer
  • Pay customer for its participation in the demand response programs.



Whatever your organization’s energy needs, Innoventive can tailor a program to fit your operation. Innoventive has extensive experience coordinating programs for large organizations with many stakeholders as well as small operations in order to make the curtailment program a success.


How to get started – Contact Innoventive

A representative will visit to evaluate the possible sources of load reduction as well as identify energy efficiency measures that could reduce costs. An estimate of the value of participation in demand response programs will be provided along with a curtailment plan. If you decide to participate, the facility will begin earning demand response revenue immediately upon enrollment.


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